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What’s a silo? 

Anything that should be connected but isn’t.

Silos affect customer experience, employee experience, and partner experience — and investor experience.

Interdependencies = reliance of one thing on another, chain reaction, teams, boomerang effect, we’re in this together, the greater good.

Separate things are healthy for specialization, customization, and accountability.

Separate things are unhealthy when they cause huge costs, such as rework, delays, duplicated resources, confusion, frustration, missed opportunities, etc.

Operational Silos = organizations, data, systems, processes, channels.

Execution Silos = assumptions, vision, goals, metrics, handoffs.

How it Works

People have a lot on their plate, so they do what’s needed for their own goals only (narrow perspectives). Their decisions disregard effects on other teams and customers (limited motivation). They’re reluctant to share information or resources with other groups (low collaboration). When they start a project or buy something, they don’t check how they can learn or share or connect with similar things (low universality).

As a collector of insights about customers, employees, or partners, YOU have a lot of power to influence everyone in solving silos. The 4 keys listed below are fueled by the ways you collect, clarify, communicate, and champion insights.



To solve all types of silos in customer experience, employee experience, and partner experience (which all affect investor experience) . . .

Emphasize experience insights:

  1. Broaden perspectives: show how everyone’s success is interdependent.
    Follow the money = customers fund salaries, budgets, profit sharing.
    Employees provide (and partners deliver) value promised to customers.
    Even with private investors, customer value growth is key to their ROI.

    How can you share customer comments and stories with all work roles?
    How will you point out ways specific work roles can make a difference?

  2. Expand motivations: show “what’s in it for them” to prevent silos.
    How can you show costs of poor experience to all work roles?
    How will you point out ways their decisions generate huge value for all?

  3. Nurture collaboration: guide and reward cross-organizational teamwork.
    How can you recognize and reward teamwork and issue prevention?
    How will you guide groups in stopping prevalent issues?

  4. Build-in universality: start everything with transparency and free-flow.
    How can you give high visibility to interdependencies?
    How will you encourage frequent check-ins with similar efforts?

    Organizational learning = every group achieves higher success via lessons learned from all the other groups.

Let’s try it!

What’s a story from the experience of your customers, employees, or partners that illustrates the interdependencies of all work roles in profitable experiences? Customize this table for your situations:

What to Do

Who and When


goal: respect the hand that feeds you

Post a customer video clip daily on Intranet.

Monthly contest for making a difference to internal or external customers.

Ari 15 June

Emma 1 July


goal: show “what’s in it for them”

C-Suite members rotate sending a video to all employees about a cost of poor experience, emphasizing how we all gain by preventing it.

Sri 31 July


goal: reward cross-org teamwork

Set up quarterly recognition for teamwork in preventing issues.

Annual workshop with every work group to solve a prevalent gap.

Ana 1 October

Eva 10 September


goal: organizational learning

Require proof of lunch-n-learns or check-ins or silo prevention as criteria for contests, rewards, and requisitions.

Emma 1 July

Future issues of this newsletter have deep-dive guidance in each area above.

You can download this template.
Apply it to your own situations.

Let’s re-direct managers’ attention to preventing silos that damage CX ROI. Thanks for using this approach to radically shift Customer Experience Leadership Value.

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