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Investors gain most when you maximize lifetime value.

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(lifecycle = customer acquisition, engagement, retention)

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What’s ideal? 

Maximum gains with minimum costs.

Ideal Customer Profile = describes who you’re depending on for growth.

Likewise for employees and partners.

Ideal = highest productivity with minimum negativity (max lifetime value).

  • Negativity costs you: low productivity, remedies, escalations, churn, word-of-mouth, incentives, lost opportunities, etc.

    • Negativity starts with unrealistic expectations.

    • Negativity accelerates with inability to deliver to expectations.

How it Works

You choose an attractive “target market” based on potential gains. It’s exciting to close the deal. As the relationship proceeds, negative surprises for either party cost a lot for all involved. With strained resources and negative word-of-mouth, subsequent deal-closing becomes harder and costlier. Ideal Profile for your customers, employees, or partners means (a) consistent expectations and (b) delivery to expectations — across their end-to-end experience.


Ideal Customer Profile


To ensure highest productivity with minimal negativity (max lifetime value) . . .

  1. What’s causing poor retention?

  2. Can your capabilities adapt to solve this cause?

  3. What needs to be adjusted in expectations?

  4. What is the optimal candidate, based on your answers above?

Let’s try it!

What’s a key gap in the retention of your customers, employees, or partners?


Capabilities Needed

Expectations Needed

Optimal Candidates

Values mismatch.

Values respect in interactions and how we operate.

Feedback loops with urgent adjustments.

Clarity about our inherent values.

Ask about their values and discuss realistic expectations.

High productive potential with values consistent to operational and cultural strengths and weaknesses.


Organic mutual value creation


End-to-end harmony


Accountability for retention


Maximum gains, minimal costs

Add a row to this table for every retention gap you identify.
Then, deploy a plan to bring each row to life.

You can download this template.
Apply it to your own situations.

Let’s re-direct managers’ attention to truly ideal profiles for customers, employees, and partners. Thanks for using this approach to radically shift Customer Experience Leadership Value.

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